As much as we know about the mortgage world, that knowledge pales in comparison with our experience in the collection world. The SCS team and their lawyer have worked within the collection industry for many years, over which time our team has developed countless personal connections throughout the collection agencies and law firms representing the banks, guaranteeing the most expeditious results. Our team thoroughly understands what the creditors are looking for, and delivers the most comprehensive package in the industry to ensure maximum effectiveness. 




As a company that works specifically within the mortgage and real estate community, we understand your process intimately. We know what your clients and lenders expect from you, and in turn what you expect from us. The SCS team has been taking care of mortgage professionals and their clients since 2011, saving them over four million dollars, all without spending a dime on advertising, our company's credentials speak for themselves. 


This question depends on the clients situation. The easy answer is: enough to make sure your deal closes. Many debt settlement companies believe the answer to this question should be "as much as possible, all the time". The truth of the matter is that collection agencies and law firms know more than we give them credit for, and never fail to appreciate honesty. We implement a reciprocal system; we're honest and pay them what we can, when we can. This is why after many competitors have been black listed, we still get a sweet deal when we need it.